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15 Feb Importance of Having a Medical Kit in the Office
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The very nature of accidents is that they are never planned. There is no way to predict when and where an accident might happen. This means injuries can happen at any time. It also means that it is important to have an emergency medical kit on hand. ..
07 Feb Reacting to a Bleeding Emergency
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When facing an emergency situation in which the patient is bleeding profusely, time is vital. It might be shocking, but those victims with severe bleeding can die within minutes if not properly treated. Most people fail to realize that death can occu..
23 Jan What Should be in a First-Aid Kit for Hockey?
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It is important to have a first-aid kit on hand for any athletic event or outing. Accidents and injuries can occur at any time, but especially during competition. First aid kits have become far more advanced than the original first-aid cabinets devel..
13 Jan The Essentials of an Adventure Medical Aid Kit
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Anyone in the medical profession will tell you that early treatment is the best way to ensure a positive outcome from any emergency situation. A first-aid kit is an absolute essential piece of gear for any traveler. Emergencies can happen anywhere at..
22 Nov What Makes a Bleed Kit Unique?
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There are differences between a first-aid kit and a bleed control kit. Certainly, both provide important tools to address various emergency situations. Both provide potentially lifesaving supplies necessary to treat injuries. However, there are key d..
08 Nov Adventure Medical Kit Essentials
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It is important to be prepared for any hiking or camping trip. Everyone who has gone hiking, backpacking, or camping knows the importance of proper gear. No matter how experienced you are with the outdoors, it’s always important to check and re-check..
20 Oct Time for another giveaway!
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It's time for another Angus giveaway!  We're giving away a one of a kind prototype backpack!  To see the bag, please follow the link to our Facebook page:Prototype Giveaway VideoAnd to enter, click this link:Gleam Giveaway Entry pageAnd most importan..
18 Oct What Constitutes Basic Paramedic Equipment?
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First responders are known for their quick decisions and life saving actions. We rely on them in emergency situations to administer advanced medical treatment. While their training is vital to their success, they are only as good as their equipment. ..
05 Oct The Most Common EMS Supplies
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It is imperative first responders have the proper gear and emergency medical bags to respond in an efficient manner to emergency situations. They rely on a wide range of equipment which provides information to help guide their decisions. The nature o..
27 Sep The Essential Infection Control Supplies for Home and Personal Use
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Reducing the spread of bacteria and germs can help control the rate of infection across all environments. Each year in Canada, more than 220,000 healthcare associated infections result in 8,500-12,000 deaths, and the rates are rising. One in nine hos..
13 Sep Enter our Giveaways!
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Sands is excited to offer two more giveaways for you to enter!   Our first one is for a one-of-a-kind, blood bourne pathogen backpack!   This Sands Import is based on the popular Angus TC-25.To enter to win this bag, click here:Sands Import GiveawayD..
09 Sep First Aid Basics When You Go Hiking by Jennifer May
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First Aid Basics When You Go Hiking Canada has an incredible 7 million square kilometers of wilderness covering 23% of the country. In fact the only country that has a larger area of wilderness in the world is Russia. Having such a vast amount of wil..
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