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15 Feb Importance of Having a Medical Kit in the Office
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The very nature of accidents is that they are never planned. There is no way to predict when and where an accident might happen. This means injuries can happen at any time. It also means that it is important to have an emergency medical kit on hand. ..
23 Jan What Should be in a First-Aid Kit for Hockey?
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It is important to have a first-aid kit on hand for any athletic event or outing. Accidents and injuries can occur at any time, but especially during competition. First aid kits have become far more advanced than the original first-aid cabinets devel..
07 Sep The Essentials of a Burn Kit
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Burns are some of the most severe injuries people can sustain. They can occur in the home or at the workplace. It is important to have a burn kit available in multiple locations in the home at place of business. These should be a separate kit from th..
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