Reducing the spread of bacteria and germs can help control the rate of infection across all environments. Each year in Canada, more than 220,000 healthcare associated infections result in 8,500-12,000 deaths, and the rates are rising. One in nine hospital patients in Canada get a healthcare associated infection. Infection Control Practices are a top priority, yet infections still occur in the hospital. Imagine what can happen in your home or office.  It is important to properly wash and sanitize your office and home surfaces to reduce the risk. Knowing what and how to use these infection control products can be difficult. Call Sands today with all your infection control product inquiries.

Infection Control Products

As technology advances, homes, industry, and individuals have access to the same equipment and practices once reserved for the medical industry.

Sanitizing wipes and sprays were once only used by the medical industry, now you see them everywhere. However, it should be noted that proper techniques must still be used outside the medical settings if the desired results are to be expected.

Surfaces in the Home or Office

In order to keep your environment clean and safe, proper cleaning techniques must be used. Most wipes and sprays must be left wet on a surface to air dry for maximum effect. A quick spray and wiping the surface dry will have very little effect. 

Cleaning your keyboard, phone and desk should be done no less than weekly, more often if a sick colleague uses your station. 

We recommend using nitrile gloves with some of these sanitizing agents. 

For all your infection control products supplies Sands can assist with your purchasing needs. 

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