I have seen some truly archaic medical facilities in my travels that were horrifying. Don’t expect North American style health care in some countries. For this reason, I carry a few items that some might think is a little overboard, but I feel safer knowing I have them. 

You don’t need to have 40 years of Paramedic experience like myself to use this equipment. If you buy it, use it at home before travelling so you know how the products work before you need them. 

  • Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff: keep track of your blood pressure

  • Kardiamobile ECG monitor: keep track of heart health, I use the 6 lead unit

  • Glucometer: anytime someone has a reduced level of awareness or a diabetic

  • Nextemp Thermometer strips: fever

  • Pulse Oximeter: just the small fingertip unit to monitor SPO2 and pulse

  • Carbon Monoxide Detector: tiny handheld unit to check your hotel room air quality

  • Extra Batteries: I always put fresh batteries in each device for my trip and carry a few extra 


  • TENS unit: for sore muscles

If you have other devices that you feel you need to add, I’d love to hear from you. 

Safe Travels