I purchased a pair of First Tactical V2 Pants in Midnight Blue to field trial. 

As a paramedic with almost 40 years of field experience, I have had the opportunity to wear a wide variety of styles and pants made from several different materials. 

Most pants used by Paramedics are recycled styles that simply add a cargo pocket on each pant leg. The V2 was designed by First Tactical as an all-purpose tactical pant for police, paramedics, etc.  That alone made me realize the pants would be different. Sands customized the pants with a 2” yellow and silver stripe around the leg below the knee. 

When I first tried them on, I noticed the sizing was a bit off, I take a 32 waist in the current paramedic pants I use, but the cut is slimmer and better fitting. I went to a 34 waist and the pants felt extremely comfortable. The cut is generous without looking like you are wearing baggy leg pants from the 70’s. They look professional, trim and neat. The sizing issue may play havoc at first until everyone figures out their actual size. 

The material is light, very light in fact but durable, the first day I used them, I snagged the material on a metal edge and pulled them. I couldn’t even find the area that was snagged when I looked. I haven’t had the chance to wear them in the winter to see how they fare in cool weather. However, we have been wearing the same weight pants in plus 30C to minus 30C for decades. Having something light to wear this summer has been a godsend. 

Pockets, pockets, and more pockets, my god, the pockets. You will not have a problem storing your gear in these pants, in fact, they have pockets inside pockets, with little pockets for knives, books, etc. I loved the fact that the cargo pockets don’t stick out which can (and have) caught on door frames in the past. I doubt that will happen with these pants, and if they do, they probably won’t tear. 

The pants come with a knee pocket, odd at first, but I soon discovered that you could insert a piece of foam to cushion the area when you kneel. Not sure how that will work for washing the pants after every shift. 

The seams on the V2 are as close to indestructible as they come. Overall quality is outstanding, well made, professionally cut, and look the part. I was comfortable and cool on a hot summer day wearing the V2. 

My biggest complaint about the pant is the waist. They have a waistband that does flex and has plenty of give but I like the sliding elastic waist that are available on some other styles. The problem with the elastic waist on other pants is the material can get quite thick in those areas and cause pressure points. The V2 waist is smooth but still has plenty of give and stretch. 

I liked the V2 by First Tactical so much, I purchased two pair for everyday wear, one in desert tan and one in grey.