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The very definition of “survival” is to live despite the circumstances, be that man-made or natural disaster and/or serious medical emergencies. When circumstances arise, you will want a survival kit backpack that combines the best survival equipment in a disaster situation and a serious emergency medical bag, not a kit for minor cuts, scrapes, or bruises.

Government and disaster agencies recommend you keep a disaster preparedness bag in your home to meet your requirement for at least three days or 72 hours. That includes food and water rations and medical supplies in case you are trapped in your home or must evacuate quickly. The kit should be readily available to grab and go at a moment's notice.

Model: 97152

3 Wick survival candle

This 36-Hour Survival Candle will provide 36 hours of light and heat when wicks are burned one at a time.Matches included...
Model: 97153

5 Function Camp Knife

Tools included are: large knife blade, can opener, bottle opener/screwdriver, corkscrew, hole punch, toothpick and tweezers.5 functions...
Model: 97136


This package of Aquatabs contains 50 tablets per package. Each tablet treats 1L. For dirty, cloudy, stained and/or cold (4° C) water, double dosage to two tablets. Aquatabs purifies water for camping, hiking, boating and international travel. Aquatabs are effective against Giardia cysts, bacteria..
Model: 96259

Bite and Sting Kit

Comprehensive bite & sting kit for on-site treatment of insect and snake bitesIncludes Extractor Pump for removal of poisons from snakebites, bee and wasp stings, mosquito bites and more Additional first aid items include: sting relief and alcohol prep pads, razor and bandagesIncludes instr..
Model: 83409

Dermafresh Cleansing Wipes - 10 wipe pack

Moist wipes ideal for cleansing of face, hands, and bodyEach wipe measures 18 cm x 20 cmFlushable/maceratableUnscentedThe DermaFresh™ soft gentle wipes provide a comfortable basinless cleansing experience.Unlike other basinless systems, the DermaFresh™ Bathing and Cleansing Wipes can be di..
Model: 97156

Emergency Drinking Water Ration

• 5-year shelf life • Drop tested to 36 meters  U.S.C.G. Approved, Lloyd’s Type Approved, New Zealand Approved,  UK MCA Approved, Complies with SOLAS 74/83. •  USCG Approval # 160.026/65/0 •  Lloyd’s Register Approval # SAS S100053  SOS Food Lab Emergency Water Rations ensur..
Model: 97155

Emergency Food Ration 3 Day/72Hr

Each packet contains 9 fortified food bars providing 3690 Kcal (3 day/72 hour supply for one person)US Coast Guard approved for 5 year shelf life under all climatic conditionsApprovals: USCG No 160.046.36/0 TC No 168.006.010Designed to sustain life until rescue or additional food is availableGreat c..
Model: 97143

Kaito V1 Voyager Solar/Dynamo AM/FM/SW Emergency Radio with Cell Phone Charger and 3-LED Flashlight, Green

Emergency radio with solar and dynamo power sources, water resistance, SW1/SW2/AM/FM bands, flashlight and USB charging capability..
Model: 97144

Polypropylene Rope, 50' feet

This white, abrasion resistant polypropylene rope floats in water while not absorbing any moisture. Also provides high knot retention and is UV resistant to give it extended longevity in situations where it will be exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time.Length: 50’ (15.2 m)Diameter: 0.25” ..
Model: 77843

Pouch Disaster Backpack

Perfectly sized to keep in the trunk, drawer, glove compartment, or anywhere else where you can quickly grab it, this ultra-portable backpack is made of hi-visibility rip-stop nylon and is perfect for a small emergency prep kit.   Features include an outer mesh pocket for quick access item..
Model: 97141

Safety whistle - pealess

Bright orange pealess whistle designed for the ultimate in function and visibility. Black lanyard with break-away snap closure...
Model: 97158

Sands 72HR One-Person Essential Survival Pack

The Sands Essential Survival Kit features the essentials for not only getting through those essential first 72 hours, but also dealing with medical injuries, including a field tourniquet and wound closure strips.  Featuring Coughlan's products!CHOICE OF HI-VISIBILITY BACKPACK OR ROLL BA..
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