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Head Immobilizer / KED Replacement Straps Head Immobilizer / KED Replacement Straps
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Model: 51448

Head Immobilizer / KED Replacement Straps

Pair of replacement vinyl-coated straps for head immobilizers with hook and loop extensions - fits a variety of head immobilizers. Can also be used as head and chin straps for the KED, CT, MRI, and X-Ray. Available in black or orange. ..
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Model: 57902


Single-use disposable head/chin strap comes complete with a set of two hook and loop straps and uncoated foam.Thread the straps through the holes, place the soft foam against the forehead and/or chin and secure it in place. Suitable for pre-hospital KED, CT, MRI, and X-Ray head restraint. ..
Model: 57903


Replacement head restraint straps for the KED (Kendrick Extrication Device) and can also be used as a head/chin restraint in CT, MRI and, X-Ray.Two blue vinyl-coated foam pads with a set of 2  hook and loop straps...
Model: 57321PP

Nylon Polypro Straps-Quick Connect

Made with polypro automotive grade seat belt buckles.  A swivel clip is secured to each end of the strap for quick connection to the board and provides secure immobilization of the patient.  ..
Shoulder Harness Strap System
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Model: 57308

Shoulder Harness Strap System

Designed to minimize patient movement, the Shoulder Harness Strap System incorporates 2 adjustable shoulder straps and a double adjust, 2 piece lap strap with a metal push button buckle. Loop Lok ends attach the system to the stretcher/cot at 4 different points. Each strap is fully adjusta..
$79.00 $119.00
Model: 57309

STRAP , Extension

Blood-Borne Extension Strap with automotive grade seat belt buckle, approx. 5 feet.   ORANGE OR BLACK..


We were sad to learn that a long-time supplier, Morrison Medical, recently decided to close their doors. Sands was able to purchase a large supply of straps at a discount and we are passing those savings on to our customers. Quantities are limited, please see a listing below of what is availabl..
Model: 57314

Straps, Patho-Shield®

Patho-Shield® Straps will outlive and outperform your current straps with less maintenance required. Patho-Shield straps are designed to prevent the absorption or penetration of bodily fluids. There is no stitching like with standard cloth and plastic straps. With no exposed fibers, these straps are..
Straps, Plastic, With Loop Lock
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Model: 57315

Straps, Plastic, With Loop Lock

Morrison Medical polypropylene straps are intented for securing a patient to equipment such as a backboard or stretcher to prevent further injury during transport. Polypropylene straps are easily adjusted for a custom fit and can be cleaned for repeat use.Constructed of 2" polypropylene we..
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Model: 57321

Two Piece Restraint Straps

Two piece restraint straps, made of strong nylon webbing with a quick-release push button buckle (automobile-type) and metal swivel speed clip. This strap is for use with spine boards with pins only.  Comparable to our 57305.Colors: Royal BlueProduct Dimensions: 2" x 5'..
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