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iview Video Laryngoscope Disposable

The i-View is a single use, disposable video laryngoscope designed for difficult intubations where visualization makes using traditional intubation difficult. 

When an infection control (Coronavirus, SARS, etc) is an issue, using the i-view video laryngoscope adds a layer of safety as well by permitting the rescuer to maintain distance from the patients face, thereby decreasing the risk of exposure to airborne droplets. 

The handle and screen are connected to a Macintosh blade making the use of the i-view familiar and comfortable for the user. 

Unlike some other products, the i-view is ready to use immediately out of the package with a simple press of the power button with powers the large LCD screen and the light at the end of the Mac blade. No assembly required. 

The i-view is ideal for:

  • Paramedics in the pre-hospital setting
  • Dark settings where ideal lighting is not available
  • ER / ED's
  • Any resuscitation situation
  • Difficult airways
  • limited budgets

Here’s a good video demonstration:

Purchasing Breakdown of a small EMS service wishing to put one video laryngoscope on every rig. 

A small service with 20 rigs:

  • 1 i-view per truck 20 x $130.00 = $2600.00 approximate costs
  • 1 competitive non-disposable product per truck 20 x  $2750.00 = $55,000.00 approximate costs
  • You could use 423 i-views for the price of the initial purchase of only 20 competitive non disposable products
  • This does not include the cost or purchasing disposable blades and cleaning cost of the competitive non-disposable handle unit. 

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