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Magnesium Fire Starter

Magnesium Fire Starter
Magnesium Fire Starter
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  • Model: 97148
  • Weight: 0.10kg
  • Dimensions: 12.00cm x 8.00cm x 2.00cm

Whether you're trying to start a fire in challenging conditions or are looking to get the fire roaring as quickly as possible, Coghlan's Magnesium Fire Starter can help. This compact and handy tool features a magnesium bar, sparking insert, and a serrated blade to produce magnesium shavings. Each magnesium bar can make enough shavings to ignite hundreds of fires. The sparker can be used to ignite the magnesium shavings, which will create an intense burn temperature helping to ignite your kindling and tinder, even when it is damp.

  • Includes magnesium bar, striker insert, and a serrated blade
  • Can produce shavings for hundreds of fires
  • All-in-one tool
  • Helps ignite fires in challenging conditions

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