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Auto-Injectors (epi)

Model: 25367

EpiPen Auto Injector - Adult 0.3mg dosage

SOLD IN CANADA ONLY!EpiPen® contains epinephrine, a medication that can help decrease your body’s allergic reaction by:Relaxing the muscles in your airways makes breathing easierHelping to reverse the rapid and dangerous decrease in blood pressureRelaxing the muscles in the stomach, intestines,..
Model: 25365

EpiPen Jr Auto Injector - Child 0.15mg dosage

SOLD IN CANADA ONLY!EpiPen (epinephrine) Jr 0.15mg. The EpiPen device administers Epinephrine in the event of a severe allergic reactionEpiPen Jr contains a different strength of epinephrine and injects a lower dose. It is suitable only for younger or smaller children who weigh 15–30 kg (33–66 pound..
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