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Medistik™ DUAL Stick

Medistik™ DUAL Stick
Medistik™ DUAL Stick
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With 46% active ingredients, our Extra Strength Dual Action Hot-Cold Stick is the strongest topical pain relief medication available in Canada without a prescription. 

A unique long-lasting extra strength pain management formula is perfect for the prevention, relief and healing of acute and chronic muscle and joint pain and inflammation caused by spasms, injuries and arthritis.

The innovative easy to use stick application means you won't get the product on your hands – no mess, no washing up and easy to apply for people with mobility challenges.

Made With Pride in Canada

Action: Dual Action Hot-Cold Formula
Active Ingredients: 30% Methyl Salicylate, 15% Menthol, 1% Eucalyptus
Size: 58g Solid Stick

  • 30% Methyl Salicylate acts as an anti-inflammatory, counter-irritant, and vasodilator (helps blood flow to carry oxygen to affected areas). This organic compound derived from oil of wintergreen relieves pain through both hot and cold sensations, improves blood flow, increases oxygen and heals pain by targeting the enzyme processes that cause inflammation.
  • 15% Menthol acts as a counter-irritant and vasodilator. Menthol creates the cooling sensation you will feel after applying MEDISTIK, relieving pain and improving blood flow.
  • 1% Eucalyptus Oil acts as a counter-irritant and vasodilator. Because of its medicinal properties, many different styles of medicine have incorporated the oil that comes from the eucalyptus tree for thousands of years.

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