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The Pelee started life as a medic backpack and after so many clients started using them as a personal bag, we decided to make it official and make one just for personal use. 

Canadian made for life around the world. it's the perfect travel pack or for daily use. 

The Pelee has a super deep and wide open main body with a drawstring collar to limit loss or theft, The elastic hood pulls tight over the body and attaches to the body with two Delrin 1" side release buckles.  The main body is tough Invista 420 Denier Cordura nylon with polypro web and padded shoulder straps with chest strap. 

The Pelee fits under airline seats and rests comfortably on your back. It features a flat back and a rounded froNT panel body with a front pocket large enough to fit a mini tablet and cell phone. 

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