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Pillin Beach Pillow

Imagine relaxing on a lounge chair on the beach, the sound of the surf splashes against the sandy shore, above you, the breeze blows through the palm fronds. The heat of the sun warms you as you lay your head back onto the Angus Pillin inflatable pillow. You adjust your new Pillin pillow so that it fills the void behind your neck, you pump the bulb a few more times so that the pressure is just right and then you close your eyes and fall asleep in paradise.


The Angus Pillin pillow is made of a comfortable poly/cotton shell with super durable elastic on the back to fit most loungers. Just slide it over the top of the lounger and inflate to feel maximum comfort.


Inside is a large inflatable bladder with a long tube attached to a bulb that allows you to control the pressure. An air release valve controls the air pressure.


You can also use the Pillin pillow to hold your towel secure on the lounger. 

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