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The G3+ Breather is the ‘go anywhere, do anything’ EMS airway bag. It’s a versatile EMS airway management pack that can be used in many different departments and settings because it meets many local protocols for oxygen and airway requirements.


The G3+ Breather EMS airway bag is designed with one main compartment and two side compartments. Additionally, a sophisticated storage pocket is located on the front of the main compartment.


All compartments are thoughtfully designed to allow you to customize and standardize your department’s oxygen and airway management protocol. They give you endless combinations to organize your Breather.


The full-length, wrap-around zippers of the main compartment allow you to lay the lid down flat to display all your equipment for easy visual access.

The storage pocket on the front of the main compartment also unzips and folds completely down. It is designed with a variety of organization tools, including mono-mesh compartments, elastic bands, and Velcro straps throughout. They give you limitless possibilities for organizing your equipment.


The foam-molded shoulder straps enable you to transport your EMS airway bag comfortably and with ease.


The two side pockets are also designed with full-length, fold-out zippers that allow you to lay them out to view all the contents for easy access.


Lastly, multiple grab handles on the EMS airway bag allow you to quickly grab it on the go. Each zipper has a large silicone ring attached to the end to make zipping and unzipping on the fly easy.



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