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The G3+ Perfusion is the all-around, grab-and-go EMS pack for all EMS clinicians. This hybrid design may be worn as a backpack or side-sling, or carried by hand. With four strategically-placed grab-handles for quick access, it’s the perfect EMS pack for emergency services.

The hybrid design of the G3+ Perfusion makes it one of the most versatile EMS packs. You can use the stow-away padded shoulder straps to carry it as a backpack. Or you can stuff them in the zipper compartments and use the shoulder strap as a side-carry option, which is also removable. Alternatively, you can carry it by hand.

The G3+ Perfusion features two main compartments and three external pockets. These allow for superior organization of large amounts of Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS) equipment.


The main (bottom) compartment is built with customizable and removable dividers that can be arranged any way you like.


The smaller (top) compartment includes multiple mesh quick stash pockets for trash and extra supplies.


Between the two main compartments you’ll find a removable shelf, which can be removed to make one big compartment.


The top and side compartments feature full-length zippers. This allows you to open the compartment completely for easy storage and organization. Inside each compartment, you’ll find multiple mesh storage pockets for superior organization.


The zippers feature large, high-visibility silicone rings attached to them. This makes zipping and unzipping quick, simple, and hassle-free. You have smooth and easy access to all your supplies so you won’t be fumbling with your zippers in the heat of emergencies.


The tarpaulin bottom panel protects your EMS pack from abrasion and the elements. This makes it very durable and long-lasting, which saves you money and hassle long-term.


The G3+ perfusion is built with durable, high-visibility reflective material. This helps with visibility in nighttime situations. The protective outer mesh cover protects it from wear and tear.

The foam-molded, adjustable shoulder straps allow you to comfortably transport your emergency medical equipment.


The foam-lined compartments keep all your emergency medical equipment protected from breakage or the elements.


Internal Velcro lining strips are strategically placed throughout the pack. These allow you to secure modules and equipment.


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