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The G4 Vivo is a compact AED pack with a sling carry handle. It is designed with one main compartment. The full-length zippers to allow you to open the pack completely for easy access to contents. The front panel of the main compartment is transparent urethane to allow you to see the defibrillator and check the status. The main compartment is foam-lined to protect all your equipment from breakage. The front panel unzips and folds down to display your oxygen tank and other supplies. Velcro and adjustable straps are strategically placed throughout the AED pack so you can easily secure your equipment. The padded shoulder strap allows you to comfortably carry the AED pack as a sling. A small zippered pouch is built into the shoulder strap for storing small items. The Vivo features an improved tarpaulin fabric for easy cleaning and infection control. The fabric is high-visibility, and we also include reflective strips. These enable you to be seen more easily while working in emergency situations.

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