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The G3+ EMS oxygen module can be used as a standalone module or in other EMT jump bags. It incorporates perfectly into the Statpacks G3+ packs, effectively converting packs into bonafide O2 solutions. This is the ultimate must-have accessory when carrying 02.

Tank NOT included – Module Only

The foam-lined construction maintains rigidity to securely hold oxygen tanks in packs.

Hook Velcro® on the back panel attaches securely in the G3+ Backup, G3+ Breather, and G3+ Responder packs. The EMS oxygen module also fits in Statpacks G3+ Responder, G3+ Clinician, G3+ Tidal Volume, G3+ Backup and G3+ Breather main packs. In addition, it fits into most EMT jump bags available in the market today.

This Ems oxygen module fits D or Jumbo-D size 02 cylinders.

Secure Velcro®/buckle attachments can hook to a cot for quick O2 cell connecting.

Grab handles are provided for quick and easy transport.

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