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Oxygen is a life-saving necessity in emergency medical situations. At Sands Canada, we’re proud to offer a range of high-quality oxygen bags designed to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of oxygen tanks and associated equipment and accessories.

Oxygen Bags from Sands Canada

Our oxygen tank bags are constructed from high-quality materials because when it comes to any type of medical gear, durability is paramount. With that in mind, our Angus oxygen bags are made of 1000D Cordura fabric to withstand the rigours of your field. As a supplier of essential products for emergency professionals, we keep your needs top of mind. Therefore, we’re committed to providing you with long-lasting use, making them a reliable choice for your medical toolkit. 

Optimal Organization

Efficiency is crucial in emergencies, and our oxygen cylinder bags are designed to streamline your workflow. These bags have strategically placed compartments and pockets to accommodate oxygen tanks, masks, regulators, oral and nasal airways, and other essential accessories. 

Secure and Safe Transport

Safety is our priority, as we know it is yours. Our oxygen bags have closed-cell foam for impact resistance, sturdy straps and reinforced handles for secure and comfortable transportation. 

Versatile Solutions

We understand that different situations call for unique oxygen tank sizes and accessories. That’s why we offer various models and styles to accommodate your unique needs. Whether you need a compact bag or something larger to accommodate more equipment, we have you covered.

What Oxygen Bag Should I Buy?

Choosing the right oxygen bag is crucial for emergency preparedness. Consider the following factors:

  • Tank size: Select a bag to meet your service requirement.
  • Organization: Look for bags with intuitive compartments and pockets to keep your oxygen equipment organized.
  • Durability: Choose a bag made from high-quality materials, like Cordura, to withstand the demands of rigorous use.
  • Safety Features: Ensure the bag protects the regulator and contents from minor impacts during day-to-day use. 

Who Are Our Oxygen Bags Made For?

Sands Canada’s oxygen bags cater to the needs of a diverse range of professionals and organizations committed to emergency medical services. These bags are tailored for:

  • Paramedics: Equipped to carry oxygen and supplies during critical patient care.
  • Firefighters: Ensures readily available oxygen for medical assist calls.
  • First Responders: Enables quick oxygen access for any first responder in emergency scenarios.

Brand: Angus Model: 53321

ANGUS Air Sleeve

Proudly made in Canada of 1000D CORDURA® fabric, features wrap around Seat Belt Webbing for added support with a draw string end for easy access.Fits "D" tank sizeALSO AVAILABLE - optional Angus Heavy Duty ID Tag item # 11600 price $5.00Measurements16" Length4" Diameter ..
Brand: Angus Model: 77237

BT-21 Oxygen Bag

1 Red in stockThe ultimate in portable oxygen cases, the BT series has many options. It meets the demands placed upon responders; while taking into account the need for safety and reliability.The BT-21 will hold a "D" tank. There's also a pocket on the main body that's large enough to..
Brand: Angus Model: 77237E

BT-25 Oxygen Bag - E Tank

 1 red in stock The ultimate in portable oxygen cases, the BT series has many options. It meets the demands placed upon responders; while taking into account the need for safety and reliability.The BT-25 is available in "E" tank option. There's also a pocket on the main..
Brand: Angus Model: 77230

BT-30 - ANGUS Oxygen / Airway Backpack

1 Green with pocket in stock1 green no pocket in stockNOW AVAILABLE  IN RED OR GREEN WITH A FRONT POCKET OPTIONPhoto of green bag shows no pocket option.The BT-30 is one of the safest ways to carry oxygen.  It securely holds a 'D' Oxygen tank inside the bag by making use of the i..
Brand: Angus Model: 37428

M-Tank Carry Straps

Sold in pairspolypro strapsheavy duty delrim buckleadjustable for different size tanksbox seamed handle for easy carryrubber anti slip tank grip..
Model: 77238

Sands BT-22 Oxygen Bag

The Sands BT-22 is an import copy of the BT-21 ANGUS bag. The BT-22 is an economical choice for the budget minded but features the same design as the BT-21.The ultimate in portable oxygen cases, the BT series has many options. It meets the demands placed upon responders; while taking into accou..
Model: 77239

Sands O2 Sleeve - "D" Cylinder

The Sands O2 Sleeve holds a standard aluminum oxygen tank and features a quick securement system to attach the sleeve to almost any EMS cot or hospital stretcher.  The hook and loop is sewn to two inch wide polypro webbing with wraps over or through the bar of the cot and re-attaches to the sle..
Brand: Statpack Model: 60025VS+

Stat Pack G3+ Vial Strand - 4 PACK

The G3+ Vial Strand is a uniquely-designed and highly-convenient vial package. Multi-dose meds in glass vials are held tightly in place with elastic bands. Bright yellow pull tabs allow you to quickly and easily remove vials.Stop fumbling around with cumbersome sleeves to access crucial medications ..
Brand: Statpack Model: 60025


SOLD INDIVIDUALLY - Securely holds medication vials while keeping them easily identifiable and retrievable. Military spec Velcro hook on back attaches to any Statpack compartment or module with Velcro loop. Each strand holds 5 vials of any size...
Brand: Statpack Model: 60004+


Contents NOT includedThis cell makes for a quick, easy to use, EMT Intubation bag.Unique foam molded design keeps all Emergency Medical Equipment inside protected from breakage or the elementsInnovative fold-out design is compact, yet quickly reveals well-organized airway supplies and toolsFits into..
Brand: Statpack Model: 60005+


The G3+ Backup is a versatile EMS trauma backpack that works exceptionally well in situations where “stay and play” medical protocol is used. Its advanced harness system helps you tackle daunting flights of stairs and hard-to-reach accident scenes safely and with free hands.The G3+ Backup can be..
Brand: Statpack Model: 60010+


The G3+ Breather is the ‘go anywhere, do anything’ EMS airway bag. It’s a versatile EMS airway management pack that can be used in many different departments and settings because it meets many local protocols for oxygen and airway requirements.   The G3+ Breather EMS airway bag is de..
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