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Be seen, on scene. For an EMS first response pack, this foam lined, adjustable, internal shelving design helps keep oxygen and supplies organized - at your fingertips. All StatPacks Modules, Cells, and Kits fit easily inside. For all ALS / BLS situations. This unique design allows for different internal configurations for supplies. New and improved main tarpaulin fabric makes for easy clean and infection control. Large side, top, and front pockets for easy access. Bottom skids for durability. Dimensions: Small: 23" x 14.5" x 14.5" Large: 26" x 16" x 16" Weight: Small: 6 lbs Large: 6.4 lbs Unique foam-lined design keeps all emergency medical equipment inside protected from breakage or the elements Innovative internal shelving fold-in /out design is compact, yet quickly allows for easy organization of medication supplies and tools Bright colors for easy identification from other EMS bags on scene Large, durable # 10 YKK zippers for easy open EPO – tarpaulin nylon fabric for easy clean and infection control Fits D, Jumbo D, and M6 oxygen cylinders Inside contents are NOT included

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